Swiss Wedding

There are various ways how one person shows the other one her or his feelings. In Switzerland there is a tradition according to which a woman gives a bottle of alcoholic beverage to a man she likes. This act is supposed to encourage the man to visit her home and talk to her parents about the wedding.

Some people in Switzerland believe that coniferous trees symbolize fertility and positive values of life together. That is why the newlyweds if possible plant a coniferous tree close to their new home. A layer of branches from a coniferous tree is sometimes made on the path leading to the car that will take the couple to the wedding ceremony.

Flower arrangements worn by the men on their suit in the canton of Lucerne are made by the group of single women on the night before the wedding.

Like in most countries a wedding ceremony in the state office is a must while the religious wedding is an optional one.

After the wedding ceremony bride's and groom's friends or even work colleagues stand in two paralel lines honouring the newlyweds. It is not uncommon that they are dressed in special costumes. The couple then walks between them. In the German speaking part of Switzerland this is known as the "Spalierstehen".

We are still in the same part of the country. The couple often participates in the "log sawing" or "baumstamm saegen". A bride and groom together saw a piece of wood. This act symbolically shows what two people can achieve by working together.

A Swiss wedding reception has two parts. The first party is a small one, involving only few chosen guests. The second one with family members and friends includes a special meal.

A wedding reception quite often has short performances by some of the guests. They sing, recite, play some musical instrument etc. These and other events are traditionally organized by the best man and the maid of honour.

When the wedding reception is over the newlyweds rush to their new home hoping they will spend their first night together. But it will not be possible as their friends and cousins will make numerous pranks.


Swiss Wedding Traditions

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