Mongolian Wedding

The couple planning to get married first has to visit the groom's parents and inform them about the engagement. The plans for the engagement ceremony are made by both groom's and bride's families.

At the engagement ceremony the bride is welcomed by her future father-in-law. He carries a silk ribbon known as "hadag" and a silver cup of milk. Then he gives them to the bride's father.

Mongolian wedding rings for a bride and a groom are not the same. The bride's ring is worn on the left hand wedding ring finger. It includes two intersected diamond shape symbols that resemble the "bagana" (supporting pillar) in the "ger" ("yurt"). Ger is a traditional Mongolian round tent covered with animal skins or natural cloths. This shape was chosen as it symbolically shows the key role the woman has in every family.

The groom's ring is worn on the right hand wedding ring finger. It has two round intersected shapes that symbolically represents two souls united in marriage. These round shapes are similar to the round roof of the "ger". It is believed the husband is like a roof. He protects his family.

Both bride's and groom's rings have four dots on them.

The wedding ("khurim") in the capital Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) and in other cities lasts for a day. In the countryside they can last 3 or even more days. The couple is usually married in the Mongolian Wedding Palace. They wear traditional Mongolian traditional clothes known as "deel". The bride's "deel" is of lighter colours. The groom's "deel" is a dark one. Some couples decide to have a modern wedding where the bride wears a white wedding dress while the groom is dressed in a dark suit.


The bride and groom choose their wedding witnesses among their own family. Traditionally a sister-in-law is chosen.

The newlyweds get many presents. The groom's family gives them a "ger". The couple who lives in the country also usually gets an odd number of animals. The bride's family gives objects needed in the kitchen, various clothes and jewellery.

The wedding reception is set inside a restaurant, city home or in a "ger". There are several rules when it is organized in the ger. Its door has to point south. The groom is in the part of "ger" pointing northwest. The bride is left of him. Right of the groom are his wedding witness and his parents. Next to the bride there are her wedding witness and her parents.

Other guests sit in the rest of the "ger". Elder family members have a special place. The traditional Mongolian music is performed. People wish all the best to the happy couple.

In the morning after the wedding reception the bride has to open the "chimney" in her "ger" and the one in the ger belonging to her father and mother-in-law. Three days after that the bride's parents visit the newlyweds.


Mongolian Wedding Ceremony


Traditional Mongolian In Wedding

Traditional Wedding Ceremony


Mongolian wedding (photo by Erik, Flickr)