Czech Wedding Traditions

Czechs have very "sweet" way of inviting other people to the wedding. Biscuits are made and sent to the people one would like to invite to the wedding. It means bad luck if they are baked by the bride.

Czech bride traditionally wears a rosemary wreath. The wreath is made by her bridesmaids. It symbolizes love and wisdom.

When the couple, their family members and friends approach the church in front of them there are so called "flower girls" who throw flower petals.

A special rope decorated with flowers, bottles and ribbons is put across the entrance to the church. The rope was made by single groom's friends. After the wedding ceremony the groom has to pay some money for the couple to get out of the church. Some say that this act represents the groom's wish to repent for the sins of his past.

A bride throws her bridal bouquet to the group of single women. The woman who manages to catch it is going to get married in less than a year. What differs this tradition from the same one in other countries is the fact that it is held immediately after the wedding ceremony outside the church or state office.

Czech wedding receptions begin in rather unusual way. A plate is broken in front of the happy couple. Then they have to sweep the broken pieces. That way they show their will to become happy and work together in their future life. This will is tested for the second time when they eat the wedding soup with one spoon. During this traditional act they are covered with a piece of cloth. The cloth symbolizes unity.

A bride traditionally wears a blue garter. It can be part of an auction. The money from its selling should help the couple in their future life. The garter can be part of another tradition. A groom throws it towards a group of single men. The one who catches it will get married soon.

One of the main events at every wedding reception is the kidnapping of the bride. She is hidden by the groom's friends. The groom has to find her within a limited period of time. If he does not succeed he has to pay some money.

There is a special wedding dance held sometime around midnight. The bride dances with her eyes shut. She holds her bridal veil. A group of men dance around her. She tries to catch a man and put the veil on his head.

There is yet another Czech wedding dance that includes a bridal veil. A group of men dance around the bride who has her eyes shut. They try to stop women to get to the bride. If a certain woman succeed to get to the bride that symbolizes the loss of innocence.

At the end of the wedding reception each guest puts some money into the bride's veil and groom's shoes to help the couple to finance their honeymoon trip.

When the couple arrives to their new home the groom carries the bride over the threshold. According to an old belief this act should ward off evil spirits.


Czech Wedding Traditions and Customs

Czech Wedding Traditions

Czech Wedding Traditions

Traditions on Czech Weddings

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